“The papacy, the Catholic Church and the Vatican are frequently misrepresented in the mainstream media and elsewhere, leading many to overlook the true nature of the Church.

Often fed media-generated misconceptions and myths about the institution, the public are prevented from looking deeper to understand and recognize the beauty, truth and rationality of the Church’s vision and message.

And when it comes to the Vatican, their opinions often become even darker. A medieval court of intrigue and mystery with strange customs and rules, how can one ever really understand it?

Yet the reality is much simpler, more profound and much more impressive. For over 2,000 years, the Catholic Church has survived th20140316-000344.jpge rise and fall of empires, wars and persecution. The world largely still looks upon the Pope as one of the world’s greatest spiritual and moral leaders. Furthermore, the Catholic faith has coherent answers to many of the world’s most pressing issues, offering Christ’s vision for humanity to a world always in need of it.

That is not to ignore the failings of her all-too-human members, but rather to recognize the invaluable contribution the Church has to offer and, of course, her most important role: leading man to his eternal salvation.

With this in mind, this consultancy is aimed at helping individuals and organizations become fully informed and updated on the Church, particularly the papacy and the Vatican, plugging a gap often filled with a surfeit of ignorance and misconception.

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Edward Pentin