Coming soon in a lengthy exclusive interview with the National Catholic Register, the superior general of the Society of St. Pius X gives an overview of current talks between the Society and the Holy See, his views on Pope Francis, and what he sees as the “catastrophic” state of the Church today. Look out for the full interview soon on

  1. teresa 02/06/2016

    Beatiful and hopeful words in a terrible momment

  2. teresa 02/06/2016

    Do they will follow curriculum from Francis in their Seminars?

    Do they will receive Bishops or orders from Francis?

  3. teresa 02/06/2016

    About Opus Dei they are suffering seriously..because because they should obey they are forced to read Amoris Laetitia ..and to acept new anticonceps
    And blessings for divorced people…they can not discused the legitimity of Pope and they are pressed in some Countries as Sweetzerlabd and Gernany by the Bishop Cobference…as a minium German Bishops against Gender Agenda from this German Conbference.

    The Ergentiban Conciliar of Opus Dei was very possiblydesigned by Pope Francis..and he used to have in Opus Dei web of Argentina some pictures of Bishop Marx.and and a personal speech of Revolution..Fraternity ..Humanity…language..far away from Monseñor Josemaria de Balaguer teachings.

  4. teresa 02/06/2016

    A Personal Prelatura is always in dependence of the Bishop…authorizations
    Is not easy to be independent if the Bishop is comming in a new political ideology as nowadays.


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