Please see full details of services available below, and do not hesitate to contact me if you require more information.


Through accurate, well-written and coherent briefings, research papers and speeches tailored to your needs, I will help you or your organisation navigate not only the Vatican, but also the wider Church. I can also offer advice on how to build fruitful contacts with the Vatican should you require it. Consultancy

Talks & Lectures

Drawing on over 13 years' experience as a Vatican correspondent, I am available to give talks lectures on the papacy and the Holy See. Topics can range from an analysis of popes and how the Vatican works, to prevailing challenges facing the Holy See and what really goes on behind the scenes. Talks and Lectures

Events & Media Planning

Rome is an excellent venue for conferences with a wide selection of venues to choose from. But it helps to have someone on the ground who knows where the best conference facilities are and can do the organizing for you. Together with a team of Rome-based associates, I can organise both conferences and media coverage for your organization. Events & Media Planning

Ongoing Support

For all clients, I provide follow-up assistance for a set period.