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Whether you are an individual or organisation wanting to better understand the Church and the papacy, or you want advice on how to best approach Holy See officials with a view to fruitful collaboration, I offer a selection of services:

Research & Background Briefings

Through clear and coherent briefings and research papers tailored to your needs, you or your organisation will be able to navigate the complexities of the Vatican and the papacy, as well as broader issues relating to the Catholic Church. Whether it’s analysis of a papal encyclical, the Holy See’s position on the Holy Land, or a summary of papal teaching on economics – I will provide you with reliable and accurate information to deadline. I will also consult on your behalf with a variety of trusted and reputable associates, from university professors and members of think tanks to Vatican officials and papal diplomats, to ensure that your enquiry is handled to the best possible standard.


Please do not hesitate to get in contact for further details, giving the following details:

  1. Precise subject area
  2. How research is to be used
  3. Any specific sources you would like to draw upon
  4. Due date


Depending on your line of business and purpose, I can help facilitate communications with Vatican officials with the aim of building fruitful relations and collaboration. However, “Edward Pentin” is not a pubic affairs organisation with the aim of trying to lobby or influence Vatican officials or institutions in any way.


As a professionally trained speechwriter, I can provide you with high quality speeches according to your needs. Although I specialize in matters related to the Holy See and moral and ethical issues, I am also able to offer speeches on society, politics and culture – in short, wherever there is a nexus between the Catholic faith and civil society. If you’re interested in speechwriting services, please send the following details of your requirements:

  1. Subject of speech
  2. Type of audience
  3. Aim of speech (is it to persuade or educate?)
  4. Length
  5. Date and venue