In response to a statement from His Eminence Cardinal Kasper denying giving the interview that appeared in ZENIT Wednesday 15th October, I issue the following response:

His Eminence Cardinal Walter Kasper spoke to me and two other journalists, one British, the other French, around 7.15pm on Tuesday as he left the Synod hall.

I transcribed the recording of our conversation, and my iPhone on which I recorded the exchange was visible. I introduced myself as a journalist with the [National Catholic] Register, and the others also introduced themselves as journalists. I therefore figured the interview was on the record and His Eminence appeared happy to talk with us. In the end, I posted the full interview in ZENIT rather than the Register. ZENIT removed the article on Thursday in response to Cardinal Kasper’s denial.

His Eminence made no comment about not wanting his remarks published. It depends on the context, but normally in such a situation, comments are considered on the record unless otherwise requested.

The recording can be downloaded below. A couple of the questions came from the other two journalists and I included them as part of the interview. Some of the quality of the English has also been improved for publication.

If there was a misunderstanding, I apologise, but I stand by the interview that was published as a correct account of the exchange.



Your Eminence, how is everything going in the Synod?

Everything is very quiet now. This morning it was on fire a little bit but of course that’s because of you – the newspapers!

Yesterday we were told the “Spirit of Vatican II” was in the synod. Do you agree with this?

This is the spirit of the Council – this is very true.

Have you seen some movement on the divorce and “remarriage” issue?

I hoped there would be some opening and I think the majority is in favor. That is the impression I have, but there is no vote. But I think some opening would be left [to happen]. Perhaps it would also be left to the next part of the synod.

Have you seen opposition growing to your proposals in the last few days?

No. In the first phase of the synod I saw a growing majority in favor of an opening. I saw it – but it’s more of a feeling. There was no vote. There will be a vote but not yet.

Do you know how the Holy Father is viewing the synod and how it’s going so far?

He has not said – he’s been silent, he has listened very carefully but it’s clearly what he wants and that’s evident. He wants a major part of the episcopacy with him and he needs it. He cannot do it against the majority of the episcopacy.

Is there any sense that he’s trying to push things in that direction?

He does not push. His first speech was freedom: freedom of speech, everyone should say what he thinks and what he has on his mind and this was very positive. Nobody is asking: what would the Holy Father think about this? What things can I say? This freedom of speech has been very alive here in this synod, more than in others.

It has been said that he added five special rapporteurs on Friday to help the general rapporteur, Cardinal Peter Erdo. Is that because he’s trying to push things through according to his wishes?

I do not see this going on in the Pope’s head. But I think the majority of these five people are open people who want to go on with this. The problem, as well, is that there are different problems of different continents and different cultures. Africa is totally different from the West. Also Asian and Muslim countries, they’re very different, especially about gays. You can’t speak about this with Africans and people of Muslim countries. It’s not possible. It’s a taboo. For us, we say we ought not to discriminate, we don’t want to discriminate in certain respects.

But are African participants listened to in this regard?

No, the majority of them [who hold these views won’t speak about them].

They’re not listened to?

In Africa of course [their views are listened to], where it’s a taboo.

What has changed for you, regarding the methodology of this synod? [question from French journalist]

I think in the end there must be a general line in the Church, general criteria, but then the questions of Africa we cannot solve. There must be space also for the local bishops’ conferences to solve their problems but I’d say with Africa it’s impossible [for us to solve]. But they should not tell us too much what we have to do.

There is a lot of concern about your proposal.

Yes, yes, there’s a lot.

People are saying that it is causing a lot of confusion among the faithful, and people are worried about it. What do you say to that?

I can only speak of Germany where the great majority wants an opening about divorce and remarriage. It’s the same in Great Britain, it’s everywhere. When I speak to laypeople, also old people who are married for 50, 60 years, they never thought of divorce but they see a problem with their culture and so every family has a problem nowadays. The Pope also told me that [such problems exist] also in his family, and he has looked at the laity and seen the great majority are for a reasonable, responsible opening.

But people feel the Church’s teaching is going to be undermined by your proposal if it passes, that it’s undoing 2,000 years of Church teaching. What is your view on this?

Well nobody is putting into question the indissolubility of marriage. I think it wouldn’t be a help for people, but if you look to this word of Jesus, there are different synoptic gospels in different places, in different contexts. It’s different in the Judeo-Christian context and in the Hellenistic context. Mark and Matthew are different. There was already a problem in the apostolic age. The Word of Jesus is clear, but how to apply it in complex, different situations? It’s a problem to do with the application of these words.

The teaching does not change?

The teaching does not change but it can be made more profound, it can be different. There is also a certain growth in the understanding of the Gospel and the doctrine, a development. Our famous Cardinal Newman had spoken on the development of doctrine. This is also not a change but a development on the same line. Of course, the Pope wants it and the world needs it. We live in a globalized world and you cannot govern everything from the Curia. There must be a common faith, a common discipline but a different application.




  1. Ursula 16/10/2014

    Thank you so very much for saving the interview and posting this as Zenit saw fit to print it one day and remove it the next day!

    • LLane 20/10/2014

      I have not trusted Zenit since their earliest days, when they refused to tell anyone who they were or who was behind them. (Turns out is was the Legion of Christ and their disgraced pedophile founder.) I see they are still lacking in journalistic integrity.

  2. John Pil 16/10/2014

    It makes sense that someone who is so untruthful about Catholic theology as Kasper has been would lie to cover his butt when there is outrage over his other comments. At least he’s consistent

  3. Michael 16/10/2014

    God bless you, Edward, for reporting the truth. You have done a great service to the Church and the world.

  4. Janet Baker 16/10/2014

    He simply must resign.

    • dave richey 18/10/2014


  5. Pat 16/10/2014

    thanks be to God! He is using you to make what is hidden come into the light. I have been praying for this to happen.

  6. Kevin Rilott 16/10/2014


  7. Carolyn 16/10/2014

    Astounded at this.Where I come from the Cardinals words would be called, “weasel words”. Sneaky, manipulative and twisting truth just so in order to change words and meanings. “different application” is simply, disobedience to the Word-and that means disobedience to Jesus and HIS will.

    • jeremiah_mehtusela 19/10/2014

      Exactly. verb sap.

  8. Ann 16/10/2014

    The doctrine of the Church is not debatable. Clearly nothing can be changed as to what is sin and what is not. Those of us who are in sin, remain so. Truth (God ‘s word) does not change. Declarations of doctrine by the Popes cannot be changed to fit the sinfulness of cultures.

  9. Deborah 16/10/2014

    Thank you for standing up and posting this interview. I believe in truth and I am neither conservative nor liberal. The Church is in very dangerous territory.

    • dave richey 18/10/2014


  10. Jane Victoria 16/10/2014

    Cardinal Kasper says that the teaching about the indissolubility of marriage would not change, but what about the teaching on the reception of Holy Communion. Catechised Catholics would never, ever knowingly receive the Eucharist in a state of mortal sin.

  11. Pedro Erik 17/10/2014

    Excellent job. You got it. Now, we Catholics found one cardinal lying, a big fat lie.

    Congrats. I will pray for the Church. Marana tha!

  12. Nellie 17/10/2014

    Oh my! The Cardinal has really put his foot in it! Well done Edward. I’m glad you got the audio. I hope this helps the synod members to distance themselves from what he is espousing! Prayers for C. Casper!

  13. Carl 17/10/2014

    How foolish. The teaching does not change but it can be different ? If it is different, I guess it changed. Come on — this is what is expected from politicians — double speak.

  14. J.R. Hochstedt 17/10/2014

    I hope that this audio will go viral and this sad remnant of those false priests and bishops who spread ruin in ‘the spirit of the Council’ will be seen as the liars that they are.

  15. David 17/10/2014

    If he worked for a top 100 company he would be suspended and fired. It does not matter what the weakness of Man wants.

  16. Royal 17/10/2014

    Yes all we need is respect for each other but not forcing things on us. in Africa we need and value our culture as well. What we will not tolerate are the western thoughts and beliefs to errase our lovely culture. Yes we live in diversity and we have respect for it, we can live, work and stay together as children of God in one faith but not doing things against our cultural norms. Our stand still afirms, no homosexuality and gaysm in Africa. Period those in favor of it may stay in europe. We can live without it.

    • Mfon Charles 17/10/2014

      Absolutely we can. All they are concerned of is changing God’s word to suit the world. May God help us

    • dave richey 18/10/2014


  17. “The teaching does not change but…it can be different,” says His Eminence. I’m not as learned as he is, of course, but I can’t help wondering: Isn’t there an irreconcilable contradiction in that statement?

    • Sophia 17/10/2014

      “The teaching does not change but …… it can be different.”

      AND HE IS A CARDINAL? Did anyone get that muddle?

      Doctrine can develop (a boy becomes a man… NOT…. a boy becomes a woman).

      Kasper’s proposal: a boy can become a woman.

      HA, HA! A Cardinal who doesn’t know the different between doctrine and discipline!

      What a Cardinal who doesn’t know theology?????

      Or is he…….. diabolic?

      This Cardinal should resign!

  18. cosimo 17/10/2014

    Thank You Edward Pentin! I hope Pope Francis would listen this interview.

  19. Francis, Nigeria 17/10/2014

    I read the transcript of the interview on and I found the Cardinal’s opinion really jaundiced. It is a betrayal of the Church’s universality. Instead of denying it he ought to simply apologize. After all, nobody knows it all!

  20. Uncle Brian 17/10/2014

    Final score, Edward Pentin 1, Walter Kasper 0. What a fathead. Doesn’t he realise that he has handed his opponents, who are legion, his own head on a plate? Now they can say, and with good reason, “Never believe a rumour until Cardinal Kasper has denied it.”

  21. ENRICO M. MANAGO 17/10/2014

    Kasper admits that the “Word of Jesus is clear” yet in the same breath he says there is a problem in the application, that the Gospel and doctrine should “develop”…to suit the “globalized world.”

    Oh, so now his main concern is the “globalized world” and not the CLEAR teachings of Jesus. This guy is a heretic and an impostor.

    • Mfon Charles 17/10/2014

      God bless you my bro. The word of God is simple and clear and can only have one meaning. No matter how hard some people try to adulterate it, the real meaning remains in our hearts

  22. Plittle 17/10/2014

    Great reporting Edward. Keep it up. Time to keep them honest on their statements and agendas.

  23. Jacques 17/10/2014

    …”The teaching does not change but it can be made more profound, it can be different”… Huh?

    Cardinal Kasper is a contorsionist with a wooden mouth.
    Does he mean that until now the teaching was anything but superficial?
    How is it possible to make a teaching “different” while not changing it?

  24. Dignum et justum est. 17/10/2014

    From the Didache or Teaching of the Twelve Apostles. Read and keep in mind that the members of the unholy triumvirate (Kasper-Forte-Baldisseri) are successors of the 12 Apostles: “For in the last days the false prophets and corrupters shall be multiplied, and the sheep shall turn into wolves, and love shall turn into hate.”
    Thank you Edward!

  25. Wendell 17/10/2014

    Well done, sir!

    The scoop of the entire Synod.

    Mr. Pentin—your report and the comments herein which expose Kasper’s shameful deceit is all that needs to be said.

  26. Thank you for exposing the traitors of the Church infiltrated in It. A Cardinal caugh in such BLANTANT LIE, what a shame! This is a SERIOUS matter, lie about such serious things is a great sin, maybe Cardinal Kasper should visit his father confessor, well, assuming he believes on the sacraments, right?

    Cardinal Kasper now has lost all credibility of good faith, he’s lying and he has bad intentions that he doesn’t want people to know about.

    • dave richey 18/10/2014


  27. Ellen 17/10/2014

    Gained insight into what this meeting is doing (Holy Spirit’s action in our present time. Thankful also to Elizabeth Scalia, and her discernment. from listening to this tape, Cardinal Kasper does not want to change the absolutes of mother church – seems to me that he is attempting to go out to the INDIVIDUAL (and there are millions of INDIVIDUALS who are suffering due to the addictions of our secularized world, GOD DOES NOT WISH THE DEATH OF THE SINNER – CHRIST DIES FOR EACH ONE OF US — Come Holy Spirit – enlighten our minds!

  28. Diana 17/10/2014

    Thank you Edward, I post another link to an italian article about your interview and recording. God bless you

  29. Malcolm 17/10/2014

    I am a South African Catholic.

    So no one listens to our African bishops when referring to homosexual unions.

    Hopefully a regrettable statement from Cardinal Kasper.

    What can we say “pathetic”.

    • dave richey 18/10/2014

      Sadly Malcolm I don’t believe the Cardinal has any regret for his blatantly racist views as regards Africa with its strongly held cultural beliefs and practices. I on the other hand strongly support and pray for every Catholic in Africa who hold strongly to their faith, their culture and their belief that family’s and indeed the entire Church is under major assault from the leftists/liberals who dare to assault from all sides the precious words of our Savior Jesus Christ! Hold strong Malcolm — at least some of us here in America have your back!!

  30. anita crane 17/10/2014

    Edward Pentin, thanks for all your good work. Thanks for reporting the truth.

  31. DR. FIDELIS R EZEMENARI 17/10/2014

    How many Judases will the Pope tolerate? As for Kasper’s patronizing comment about Africans, I thank God that our Bishops do not LIE. Kasper should resign!

  32. Elizabeth Dunn 17/10/2014

    Great job, Edward. You nailed it.

  33. T.M. 17/10/2014

    As an African priest, I am very dismayed to hear Cardinal Kasper saying, “… Africa is totally different from the West. Also Asian and Muslim countries, they’re very different, especially about gays. You can’t speak about this with Africans and people of Muslim countries. It’s not possible. It’s a taboo. For us, we say we ought not to discriminate, we don’t want to discriminate in certain respects.” Certainly, for Africa, the gays’ issue is not just “a taboo” which one feels uncomfortable to talk about it. It’s rather a serious SIN which one CANNOT accept it as a normal and healthy life-style! And the reason that it is considered sin because it goes against the divine work of creation. Africans believe in accordance with the biblical revelation and the theological commonsense that God created male and female for the purpose of procreation and propagation of life on the planet Earth. This is true fact not just for humans but for all biological species! Any thing that opposes this natural process or divine plan or norms of procreation and propagation of life is considered rebellion against and rejection of Divine/Natural Law of the Supreme Creator or against the Nature’s Way! The Western world should NOT assume that it can mess with God’s creative work by accepting what is abnormal way of life that opposes the normal way of life according to the Creator’s plan and will of continuous and dynamic creation process of human life and of those lower species! Therefore, the gays issue for Africans, it NOT just a matter of “discrimination” but matter of grave SIN against the Creator of both genders for procreation and propagation of life!

    • dave richey 18/10/2014

      God bless you Father for holding strongly to the true faith!

    • Julia Grimer 19/10/2014

      Thank God for your African Bishops who helped to block the dubious words in relation to homosexuality in the Synod vote last night. We need more bishops like this.

    • Janet Baker 19/10/2014

      Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. I cannot tell you how furious it makes me to hear them dismiss this reasoning as superstitious. THEY are superstitious and know nothing of science. Please do not be disheartened even for a moment, my dear spiritual brother in Christ. It is your face that will conform to Christ’s at the last judgement, you in your wedding garments for the feast.

    • expat South African 22/10/2014

      Well said TM!

    • Michael 22/10/2014

      Sexual acts of a homosexual nature are obviously perverted and are condemned in the Bible.No amount of verbal gymnastics can somehow make such actions good and morally acceptable.

  34. Dante Montano 17/10/2014

    It is very difficult for me to believe that a cardinal could have his own individual interpretation of the Bible. I do not agree with his statements at all.

  35. Jen Cole 18/10/2014

    Well done, Ed! You are a good reporter and man of integrity! God bless you!

  36. John R 18/10/2014

    It is not news that the Church already recognizes that a previous marriage can be annulled. There is a juridical, canonical form or process using the laws of the Church. Can there not be a penitential form or process using the Sacraments of the Church to assist those who have been divorced and are now civilly remarried? These two forms of annulment, canonical and penitential, need not be opposed to each other.
    It is possible that the real sin against marriage may be committed by some in their first attempt at marriage. Today the Church judges that divorced and remarried Catholics without an annulment are “living in sin” in their current civil marriage, which is seen as adultery. However if the individual really recognizes that their first attempt at marriage was indeed the sin, they can confess that. If they sinned against the covenant of marriage by bad intent, improper disposition, or lack of preparation, why can’t that sin be acknowledged in a penitential form and absolution given?
    Once they are properly disposed and prepared they can live their current civil marriage now as the true Sacramental union –permanent, faithful, open to life, freely and unconditionally made. No change in the definition of marriage is required.
    What other sin requires so much documentation and testimony to have its effects resolved then entering an invalid marriage?
    Why are some of us so afraid to use the great Sacraments of Penance and Eucharist to show God’s great mercy?

    • TIMedWork 24/10/2014

      Marriage is not annulled as sinful; but as invalid. The invalidity must be determined factually. So penitence would have no bearing on an annulment. You proposal of s system of solution could then be applied to many other forms of sinful living, abandoning the true purpose of the church, which is to bring souls to God; not to allow for a multitude of grievances with a backdoor escape route later. Truth is truth. Annulments are based on honest, demonstrable invalidity. Absolution is provided for sinfulness.

  37. Debra Hoffman 18/10/2014

    How sad. Im reading comments of “bashing” another for what many are calling a sin of his behavior when what should be done is praying, leaving all this “judgement” to the Lord. Furthermore, he is talking about the movement of the Spirit that moves with the times. It is a gradual revealing as the Spirit moves. Maybe some would be better to put their energies into learning for better understanding rather than crucifing others, which obviously is done due to hardened hearts.

  38. thelma angeles 18/10/2014

    Thank You O Holy Spirit, for your gift of fortitude to Mr. Edward Pentin.

  39. Adugba 18/10/2014

    When has the Church become a European or an Asian that ” Africa should not tell us what to do” is this not racism? A man who can’t guard his tongue is surely a disaster to the Church….SHALOM.

  40. francisco padilla 18/10/2014

    Se retracto el cardenal Kasper ?, si!…pero lo mas grave no es retractarse, lo mas grave es mentir. Porque alguien se puede retractar para corregir, enmendar o pedir perdón, pero no para seguir mintiendo.
    No se puede confiar en alguien que miente ante la evidencia y aun sin la evidencia.
    Y si no se puede confiar en quien miente, todo lo que diga después quedara en duda.
    Pero la iglesia no puede estar sujeta
    a etas deshonestidades, que hacen temblar su estructura.
    Por lo tanto, por propia conciencia, el cardenal Kasper debe renunciar, antes de que se lo pidan , porque cualquiera que pida su renuncia, lo hará mostrando su falta y pondrá mas en evidencia su mentira, así que por lealtad a la doctrina de Cristo debe ser congruente y renunciar.

  41. Rachel 18/10/2014

    Love the way this cardinal uses “Newspeak”….. Note he uses terms like “development”, “different”, “differing”, “majority”, “application”! Political correctness crowd of lie speak!!! God help us, and thank you for preserving the truth here!!!!!

  42. manuel ortiz rodriguez 18/10/2014

    es triste lo que esta sucediendo pero son las pruebas por las que tiene que pasar la iglesia universal y para eso están los representantes de la iglesia para defender la bendiciones.

  43. Joseph Hare 18/10/2014

    “The teaching does not change but…it can be different,” says His Eminence. In the convoluted words of a former colleague, “hmmmm…I don’t know that I wouldn’t.disagree with that.

  44. Big Al 18/10/2014

    Do you think you’ll remember what you said yesterday when you’re eighty one?

  45. Fr. Michael 18/10/2014

    The truth is simple and clear. The intellectualizing one way out of Jesus simpke clear message is a desire to be “nice” not truthful. Parents must be parents and cannot hope to water down the truth in order to befriend their children.

  46. dave richey 18/10/2014

    Cardinal Kasper is a blatant racist … God bless the faithful Catholics in all the nations of Africa … please hold true to the faith and to the true words of Jesus! At least some of we Americans are standing firm with you!!

  47. Manon 18/10/2014


  48. PJ 18/10/2014

    Cardinal Kasper should resign

  49. mike 18/10/2014

    Very strange comments; but why deny the interview in the first place.

    • TIMedWork 24/10/2014

      Precisely. Did he find that his own words were, in fact, “appalling”? No one should judge him. And yet among the fruits of the Holy Spirit is discernment. If we do not listen to our inner voices that tell us when we are hearing a lie, and lack the courage to state the truth, that a lie is a lie, then we have lost our consciences, while denying the fidelity of God’s Holy Spirit, even as Lucifer did.

  50. Joan Magennis 18/10/2014

    You are a brave and courageous journalist for persisting with your questioning and getting his real views out of this cardinal.

  51. Paul Bennett 18/10/2014

    God bless you! Perhaps Modernism should be considered intrinsically disordered as well, since it leads to lying and dissembling.

  52. Natalie Sonnen 19/10/2014

    Well done, Edward. The only way to begin healing these wounds is to expose them to the light.

  53. Elivis 19/10/2014

    we know there are many Christians who can not live without stealing,should we therefore say that we allow stealing bse some people cant leave it???

  54. Ikenna 19/10/2014

    The west is different about this? Has gayism always been accepted in the West? Was it not once a taboo? Did the emergence of gay activism in the West not rely on other facilitating socio-political factors? Does the cardinal not think that the same factors exist also in Africa? The acceptance of the message of Jesus coupled with its affinity with certain aspects of the African culture, brought about this firmness on the moral truths. I also believe from the reaction so far on this Synod that the West, which the cardinal assumes the role of its grand-advocate, are not even on the same page with him, especially for those who are still conscious of what their real culture and the content of the message of Jesus are all about. I think the Holy Spirit has worked through the Synod fathers and brought the cardinal to global ridicule for choosing to align with the globalized world against the age-long global message of Jesus Christ.

    • TIMedWork 24/10/2014

      One also wonders if the Holy Father’s call to speak freely, to ay openly what is on one’s mid, was not intended to remove the sheep’s clothing, that the truth of the heart might be openly revealed. And from there, he would better able to clean up, what appears to be a contamination that can be deadly to the souls who are misled by lies from undeservedly trusted cardinals.

  55. Ralph Fernandes 19/10/2014
    Levels of Malice
    What are the levels of malice relative to the truth? On the most shallow level is mere ignorance of the truth. It’s bad, but the persons who don’t know the truth may not even themselves be responsible. They simply don’t know. So that decadence, relative to truth, has depths. The least serious is just ignorance of the truth. Second, and a deeper level, is exclusion of the truth. That’s more than ignorance, that’s error. In other words, you not only don’t know, but you accept and you prefer the opposite to the truth, which is error. Third level, where a person embraces the error; he not only is in error, but embraces it, and then seeks to promote it. That’s false teaching. But there is one deeper level – the dungeon – where the one, who having embraced error and is teaching falsehood, conceals his designs by stealth and cunning, in order to seduce others into error. All of this is implied when Peter warns the faithful against the prophets of falsehood.

  56. Kathy Bachman 19/10/2014

    As an ordinary Catholic spending most of my energy trying to gain control over all my passions and become perfect like my heavenly Father is perfect, which permeates all of my waking hours, I can’t comprehend how Cardinal Kasper and his “ilk” can even consider these outrageous ideas of ‘changing doctrine!’ Yes it takes discipline to follow God’s Word but it is necessary to do so to become fully mature and realize the beneficial effects of this effort! Now the Liberals who are and obviously have been wandering around in some kind of a nether world are announcing and trying to force the rest of us to live in a ‘free for all’ mileau? Is he kidding? Let them get on their knees and pray for the strength to follow the rules and discipline of Christ’s Church like the rest of us, so they are equipped to teach the truth to those who are living outside the church: the truth that developed the saints and martyrs of the last 2000 years!

  57. Marcel 19/10/2014

    What a shame for such a cardinal of such exulted position to be lying in public. He is a disgrace and should be demoted. I see in him a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is a disgress to the Catholic faith. What does he want to gain by denying such interview. He is already discriminating against Africans, Asians and Muslim countries in his statement. Such a person has no moral right to represent the Church. If he were a just a public servant, the lie alone is enough to sack him, how much more a Cardinal. Some top Church men are worse than non-believers.

  58. Rosemary Therese Reid 19/10/2014

    We are living in the days of the great apostasy. St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

  59. John Kent 19/10/2014

    I think Cardinal kasper is internally a racist.He carries racism in his heart and afraid to act out because of fear of public scorn. It just reside in his heart and spills when he hits a bump of life, and then he lies about it. This is the post-modern racism, the unspoken racism that is well and alive in the heart. This are the type of men in the Church that should be excommunicated. He is a disgrace to the Catholic Church.

  60. marc 21/10/2014

    Cardinal Kasper,Cardinal Erdo, the Pope and other select Cardinals are fortunately in the minority. Cardinal Kasper’s interview exposes the key orchestrator’s of a movement to simply ignore the intrinsic truths almost all the apostles were martyred for. This heresy has happened before in the church. Hopefully others within this heretical moment will be exposed. Unfortunately the walls of the Vatican have no ears that can be heard from and what might they reveal!!

  61. Emmanuel duodu 21/10/2014

    This is cardinal is agnostic or an atheist but has been a wolf in sheep’s clothes to become a priest to level of a cardinal. I doubt he believes in the principle of categorical truth when it comes to natural morality and biblical sin. He appears to be interested in protecting the sinful interest of those who may be financing the church rather than protecting the truth that shall set him free. This is a sad moment for the church we belong because to cardinal Kasper the salvation of Christ is dead in a “globalized world” and now everything goes. Finally, it’s shameful and somehow racist to denigrate his fellow African cardinals to the extent that the European and American cardinals don’t listen to them. My advice to our African cardinals is that they should pack their luggage and come to Africa and do their own african synod in Accra where their voices will be heard and their opinions respected. Cardinal Kasper is telling our African cardinals and by extension the African Catholics that we (the West) don’t need you in Rome. I’m beginning to question my faith in the western Catholicism but my faith in Christ is enduring. God have mercy.

  62. Sonia 22/10/2014

    When faced with what appears to be a contradiction in the Bible we are not entitled to assumed the Bible is wrong. We are supposed to try to search for the cause of two statements appearing to be different. If Mark and Mathew reports in the gospels of Jesus’ words look inconsistent, I assure you Jesus did not contradict himself, neither was confused or unsure. What Kasper is saying is ridiculous for a Cardinal to say. Greek or Hebrew or Aramaic I bet you Jesus knew what he was talking about. This poor men needs to read his Bible and pray more often.

  63. Benedette Okonkwo 22/10/2014

    Listening to cardinal Casper’s interview was difficult especially coming from a successor of the Apostles. In the wake of the Apostolic Exhortation “Evangelii Gaudium” the joy of the Gospel,which lauds evangeliziation, Casper who is a heartbeat away from the papacy disrespectfully dismissed the contributions of the Catholic Church in Africa. Had Casper become the successor of Peter, would he establish two different norms of morality one for the Catholic Church in Europe especially Germany and The United Kingdom and the other for the continent of Africa? According to the interview, many Germans want divorced and remarried Catholics to be readmitted to the reception of the Eucharist. Since when did we start basing moral judgements on opinion polls? I am sure that if we poll the opinions of African men, majority will favor polygamy after all their culture permits it. But the conditio sine qua non for admission into the reception of the Eucharist is to follow the Catholic teaching that advocates the marriage of one man to one woman. African converts to the faith adheres to this legislation for they recognize that the union symbolizes the marriage of Christ to His Church. Casper is right in claiming that homosexual acts is taboo to Africans. Africans look at it as an act which is incapable of being ordered to God because the act is an intrinsic evil. How does this prince of the Church explain to we simple believers the doctrine on “absolute moral norms” As St John Paul 11, his predecessors, and the earliest teaching of the Church has stated, to deny this norm is to be wrong “semper et pro semper”
    If Casper has he way, Africans will be denied a voice in the Synod. Why then were they invited if they are to be seen and not heard. ThatThis type of unbridled elitism comes from Casper is extremely regrettable. Walter cardinal Casper should know that Christ’s prayer is that,” they may be one” in deed, divine providence intervened for Casper has shown his thought. The Sacred college now know him as an isolationist and be sure for the good of the Church not to consider him as “papabile” if the need arises. In all, it goes to show you that we still have a Church of saints and sinners. The church instituted by Christ Himself is holy but some individuals in our Church are not! African bishops have great relationships with many holy German prelates. Casper is not the episcopal conference of German nor is he the most respected prelate from Germany for that reason, care must be taken to avoid the thought pattern that the German prelates share Casper’s views. To insult the African synod fathers and deny he did not do so shows that he knew exactly that he was wrong. It is the very malice of that, that shames Walter cardinal Casper!

  64. JCMeg56 22/10/2014

    We are called to be a Contradiction in the culture like our Master was in His. Catholics are born for battle! There is no “going along to get along!”

  65. Brendan 23/10/2014

    that synod was a disgrace, but it was brought to an abrupt hat when Kasper denied Vatican II’s collegiality by saying the Africans should be ignored. Thanks God for this journalist!!! Now for the real work— as my bishop intends to defy the synod and bring discussion on the first draft among his sheep.

  66. MIke: 24/10/2014

    It is people like Ed Pentin who keep our faith alive. Sadly, there are crazy things going on in the Church, and it wears on down. For example, in my own diocese the pre-Synod survey was never distributed to the the laity in any form. We had no voice, yet someone must have submitted a response to Rome. On the other side of my state (Florida) the situation was much the same, where the bishop asked local pastors to fill in the survey. A survey on family life from a priest who has no immediate family. Hardly a qualified response!

  67. Maudie 24/10/2014

    Kasper envisions a decentralized annulment process giving local bishops control of the process and taking Rome completely out of the equation. Church teaching won’t change, it’ll just be streamlined like a drive-up window at McDonald’s.

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